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Structural Steel, Conveyors, Custom Fabrication & Repairs

Kimto Manufacturing Co. Ltd. was started in 1980. We are a Division II structural steel company with over 35 years of experience in the structural steel trade. We have built condos, convenience stores, warehouses and mezzanines. You name it, and we have probably built it along the way.

Design & Build of Rugged Conveyor Systems

We also have extensive knowledge in designing and building some of the industry’s most rugged conveyor systems. We have built for every application from sand and gravel to gold, bentonite, diamonds and everything in between. We know what industries can and will throw at equipment, so we build them rugged and tough to ensure they will last!

Custom Fabrication

We are also a leader in custom fabricating. If it’s possible to create, we will find a way to make it happen. Check out our gallery for pictures of some of the projects we have done along the way. We are sure you will find that there is no job we are not capable of doing.

Experts in Welding Repairs

We are experts at repair work, and we believe this is what makes us great at custom fabrication. When you do the kind of repair work that we do, you learn very quickly how and why something breaks and figure out the best way to put it back together so it won’t break again. There are very few repair jobs we are not able to complete.

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